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Data Transfer and Back Up

Data Backup and transferData transfer is a great way to get your existing data onto your new computer system or even if you have a faulty hard drive and you need data removing off it for safe keeping. We offer secure and private data transfer from your old unit to your new one, or we can arrange data to be transferred onto CD’s. 

What is a backup? 

A backup is a copy of your files on another storage device (another hard drive, CD or DVD, or even an online account.)

Why should I backup?

Even the most reliable computer can fail or experience data corruption. Computers can be left in taxis, dropped, or damaged in fires. You could accidentally delete your wedding or baby pictures. A warranty may cover failure of computer hardware but there is no warranty protection for the operating system, applications, data loss or corruption. While the causes of software and hardware problems are many, the solution is simple. Back it up!

The most common causes of data loss are:

  1. Mechanical failure of the drive caused by being dropped, bumped while in use, or manufacturer defect.
  2. Data corruption or directory damage caused by forgetting to eject disks before removing them (unplugging or powering them down), computer crashes, viruses, power loss, or plain bad luck.
  3. Accidental deletion of files by emptying the trash, reformatting the hard drive, or reinstalling the operating system.
  4. Environmental disasters like fires, floods, power surges, or extreme heat & humidity.

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